Mulch Thief is a blog which serves as a regular update on projects I'm currently working on.

I also keep a Tumblr (under the same name) which serves as a graphic dump for research images, beginnings, in-process shots, tangents and ephemera. Please follow, if you are inclined to that sort of media.

I post regularly on the Justseeds blog, including a (semi)weekly post entitled DIYDPW which highlights global examples of "Do It Yourself Department of Public Works" projects (defined as any examples of municipal signage or infrastructure generated by citizens, outside of state-sanctioned means, that fulfill a perceived need in the situation within which they are installed... basically, handmade road signs).

Rachael Dingfelder and I collaborate on a Tumblr we call Insane Kokopelli Posse, a running catalog of images we collect of awkward cultural appropriations and re-workings of the Native Southwestern deity Kokopelli.