Shapeshifter, Canis latrans
coyote pelt, taxidermy mannequin by John Schmidt

"The coyote is the most adaptable and successful North American mammal besides Homo sapiens. Favoring prairie, basin, and bajada, the coyote has recently extended its range from the forests of Maine to the city parks of Los Angeles, from Alaska to the mountains of Guatemala, and it has done this in the face of one of the most concerted attempts ever made to wipe out an entire species... Mythologically and biologically, Coyote is a survivor and exemplar of evolutionary change."
- David Levi Strauss, from American Beuys, Autonomedia, 1999

This project was a part of a collaborative exhibition with Claire & Tesar Freeman: Commission for Treasonous Strategies. A slideshow of the exhibition can be seen here.