(w/ Ally Reeves)
32:20 silent

This video was shot in 2003 in the Cades Cove section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Eastern Tennessee. The area is one of the most visited in the park, with a small road which loops through the middle. The population of white-tailed deer have grown accustomed to a human presence, and with patience they are easily approachable.

Ally Reeves and I spent a day walking through Cades Cove and shooting video of each other as we tried to get close enough to the deer to reach out and touch them. This video was originally a central element to the installation "Johnny Appleseed", a collaboration between Reeves and I which was temporarily housed in the Sarratt Gallery at Vanderbilt University. It has also been shown independent from the installation.

This is an edited excerpt of the larger 32:20 minute video. See also, intent re: video work.