Untitled Penny Crusher Project
w/ Stuart O. Anderson
begun Summer 2008, re-booted Spring 2014

Stuart Anderson and I are in the design/fabrication phase of building a souvenir penny crushing (or penny smashing, or "elongating") machine. This has been a long-term idea for us with many fits and starts. Currently, Stuart is building a prototype single-penny machine, which we will debut this autumn in various incarnations around Pittsburgh. The final, multi-die machine will debut in the summer of 2015.

This machine, when finished, will incorporate over a dozen designs which users will be able to shuttle through at will. Thematically, we are focusing on human perceptions of the changing animal world, addressing use-value, extinction, urban adapters and exploiters, alpha- and mesopredators, and even (probably) cryptids.

We're constantly updating a Tumblr blog detailing the project as it moves forward here.


I also keep a growing collection of smashed pennies, mostly obtained when traveling and through kind friends who press them for me during their own travels. Here's a running list of the pennies I have thus far.

the single-penny prototype, Oct.7 the single-penny prototype, Oct.7 first blanks