Untitled Penny Crusher Project
w/ Stuart O. Anderson
begun Summer 2008, re-booted Spring 2014

Stuart Anderson and I are in the concept/design phase of building a souvenir penny-crushing machine. This has been a long-term idea for us with many fits and starts...

Thematically, the designs which will be embossed on the pennies will likely focus on human categorizations of North American fauna, potentially including the following:

* Urban Exploiters
* Urban Adapters
* Urban Avoiders
* Extinct
* Cryptids

Fabrication of the basic machine will begin September 2014.


I collect these pennies as well, mostly when traveling and through kind friends who press them for me during their own travels. I keep a running list of the pennies I have thus far, although I've yet to get around to scanning the pennies themselves.