I focus most of my blog writing (when it happens) over at the Justseeds blog. There, I curate a channel called DIYDPW, which highlights global examples of Do It Yourself Department of Public Works projects.

I'm also on Tumblr, which I use actively as a graphic dump for research images, beginnings, in-process shots, tangents and ephemera, and Instagram (@mulchthief). You're welcome to follow me on either platform.

Mulch Thief was a blog which served as a regular update on projects that I worked on from early 2008 until mid-2015.

Tangentially, Rachael Dingfelder and I collaborate on a Tumblr we call Insane Kokopelli Posse, a running catalog of images we collect of awkward cultural appropriations and re-workings of the Native Southwestern deity Kokopelli.